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Steering & Suspension

Signs That Your Steering & Suspension System Isn’t Working

As your vehicle’s main driver, you know how your car is supposed to run when everything is in proper working condition, so it is usually easy to tell when your steering and suspension system is a bit off. Shaky, unsteady, off-center, and stiff steering are all cause for getting a steering system repaired, while excessive bouncing or swaying during bumps and intermittent control while driving and braking are cause for a suspension system inspection. Uneven tire wear is also a potential sign of a suspension problem, though this may also point to alignment issues, all of which we can diagnose at Tire Max. 

Suspension Inspection

Knowing how to identify steering and suspension issues will help you determine when to schedule an inspection, so keep an eye out for signs such as leaking shocks or struts, the feeling of nose-diving upon braking, and bottoming out during bumps. If you begin to experience driving irregularities like bouncing, swaying, or unusual stiffness, contact us today for an inspection of your steering and suspension system.

Shocks Replacement Services

Your shock absorbers are what help your tires maintain contact with the road and reduce bumping or swaying while driving. Worn shocks mean your vehicle is less likely to stop exactly when and where you want, and bad shocks can increase your stopping distance by up to 10 feet. To make your vehicle easier and safer to drive and control, contact our team for replacement of your front and rear shocks.

Struts Replacement

Your struts work in tandem with your shocks to absorb movement, but they also have a role in the steering mechanism of your vehicle. Worn struts increase braking distance and increase body roll, sway, and bounce rate, and unusual noise from struts may also indicate that the spring seat or strut bearing requires a replacement. If you’re unsure whether the issue you’re experiencing is due to the struts or the shocks of your car, call Tire Max for an inspection appointment so we can determine the root of the problem.


Regain Your Smooth Ride With Suspension Repair Services

No one wants to deal with an excessively bumpy ride while driving, but issues with your steering and suspension system go far beyond just feeling uncomfortable. If not taken care of, the system will continue to deteriorate which puts both you and other drivers on the road at risk, considering that your braking time is affected considerably when you don’t have full control of the car. Rather than risk your health, bring you car in to Tire Max today and let us perform a thorough inspection of your system.