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Expert Wheel Alignments From The Tire Max Team

When you keep up on your car’s maintenance, you’re often saving yourself a headache down the road if something left unchecked suddenly stops working as it should. With wheel alignment services from Tire Max, we thoroughly inspect your car before and after an alignment to ensure that we can stand behind our good work.

Four-Wheel Alignment

A four-wheel alignment is often the best choice for many drivers, particularly those who have front-wheel drive. Wheels can become misaligned during a car crash or by simply hitting road obstructions like potholes or curbs. Properly aligned wheels provide many benefits including cutting down on fuel costs since they’ll experience considerably less rolling resistance once adjusted. Routine wheel alignments also prevent uneven tire wear which ultimately saves you time & money on a new set.

Front-End Alignment

A 2-wheel alignment, also known as a front-end alignment, is a service that involves only the front two tires of your vehicle. Though it can help to have your front wheels adjusted so that they run parallel to the center of your car, newer vehicles often need a 4WD alignment so that the rear wheels are not excluded from the service.


Benefits Of Wheel Alignments For Your Vehicle

Wheel alignments, whether they be 4WD or front-end, are necessary for any vehicle to keep it driving as smoothly as possible. Without a proper alignment performed regularly, you may experience a variety of issues including difficulty braking, poor fuel economy, uneven wear on your tires, pulling from one side, or vibrating & shaking while driving. To keep yourself safe on the road, call Tire Max to schedule a wheel alignment for your vehicle. We will inspect, diagnose, and perform the service so you can get back to driving safely.