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Climate Control Systems

Benefits of Climate Control Systems

When your vehicle’s climate control system malfunctions or stops working, it is important to schedule a climate control repair service right away. In addition to regaining the comfortable cabin environment you desire, you can help ensure your safety as a driver. If you pay attention to the warning signs of an impending climate control system service, you may be able to prevent a broken system and subsequent safety concerns. In addition, your owner’s manual should provide recommended regular service intervals for climate control systems. Catching early warning signs and replacing or repairing climate control system components as necessary will help ensure your ability to control air outflow at all times.

Car AC Repair

Like most aspects of car maintenance, treating a problem with your vehicle’s AC system early can help prevent major repairs. Some symptoms to beware of regarding a faulty air conditioning system include an inoperative fan or blower, clicking during regular operation, and, of course, reduced cooling capability including blowing hot air. Stale-smelling air is another sign that something is wrong with your vehicle’s air conditioner. A clogged compressor, evaporator, condenser, or expansion valve can contribute to AC system failure, but routine maintenance now can help you avoid major AC repairs down the road.

Heating System Repair

Since the heating and cooling systems work in tandem, problems with one will affect the other. Low coolant levels, for example, can affect the heating system’s ability to warm your vehicle’s interior, and leaking coolant can be attributed to a damaged heater core, radiator, heater hose, or cooling system. Sweet smells coming from the air vents are a common sign of a coolant leak. Other common issues that plague heating system components include a vacuum leak, heater valve failure, fan motor failure, heater core failure, or stuck thermostat. As overheating is one of the most common causes of breakdowns, regular heating system maintenance can help prevent future problems.


Service Your Car’s Air Conditioning or Heating System Today

We often hear from customers that they waited on repairing their car’s air conditioning or heating system because they didn’t mind the uncomfortable temperatures, but the truth is that a faulty climate control system can wreak havoc on other parts of your vehicle. Scheduling routine maintenance for your car or taking it in for an appointment at the first sign of trouble is key to not only keeping yourself and your passengers comfortable, but also ensuring that your car doesn’t experience greater issues later on.